Rupert - My Favourite Scenes (3/?)

The Worricker Trilogy: Turks & Caicos - Salting the Battlefield

Stirling Rogers

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Photo by Corey Sipkin, NY, 09 Sep 1999 (edited)


Photo by Corey Sipkin, NY, 09 Sep 1999 (edited)



             “Because, honey, I asked you to.
                            No one appreciates your sass, Greg.
                            Especially me.
                            But since you’re so keen on getting right down to business I suppose I can skip the coffee. I’m here about you, actually. You’ve been sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong, Detective Inspector. Keep this up and Sherlock Holmes will be deducing your death. And trust me, darling, it won’t be a pleasant case in the least.”

"Contrary to popular belief, my sass has kept me alive on more than one occasion, so you’re just going to have to deal with it.

I’m a detective, it’s my job to stick my nose places. You just want me to back off? I’m afraid I can’t do that. I can’t just stop doing my job. And you won’t kill me. If you kill me, you’d be placing a big flashing arrow sign over your head. Not very smart, that, now is it?”


A lot of things had happened. A lot of fights and a lot of scars and a lot of blood and a lot of other things that she didn’t even want to mention because she saw little to no point to it. He wouldn’t understand, nor would he condone or accept it, and that she’d come to understand long before he’d actually disappeared. She was a criminal and a murderer and he was a detective. It was slightly foolish to think that what they’d had was anything genuine. More likely, some odd fantasy that he’d had. The dirty cop, having relations with a wanted criminal. 

True or not, these were the things that were forming in her head and bringing about a colder response to most of his words.

"Looks like it was longer than that," she replied shortly, finishing off her drink and pushing herself away from the table, not sure what she was doing or where she was going but staying didn’t really seem like a viable option. Or, at least, it was seeming less like an option than it had been a few moments prior.

"I shouldn’t be here," she said after a few moments of introspective thought, her tail giving a few agitated flicks that could’ve been a sign of nervousness. But that was the only sign she gave off. Her outward expression showed no such thing.

"You’ll get in trouble." 

The distance that had developed between them was palpable, but what had either of them expected? Greg had been gone for four months without a word, and a lot could happen in four months. A lot had happened by the looks of it. The fissure that had appeared between them made Greg regret ever leaving, even though he had no choice. He just wished he had the time to say goodbye to her, because then maybe something would be different. He would have asked her to look after his flat, maybe giving her a place to sleep everynight.

It was too late for ‘should haves’ now. Her words, spoken with very little emotion, made him look down, something that felt almost like shame making his cheeks grow a little red. “Yeah.” He said quietly, finishing off his drink swiftly.

He glanced back up when Charlie expressed a concern in Greg getting in trouble. Trouble with what? No one knew she was even there. “It- no, I won’t g- it’s fine. Really. If you stay. I mean. If you want to stay.” Greg stumbled, his eyes unable to decide if they wanted to look at her or into his now empty glass.



                 “Of course you did, Detective Inspector.
                           I would very much like a coffee.
                           And then we’ll have a nice chat, how does that sound?”

"What makes you think I’ll get up and get you a bloody coffee? I’m not your personal servant, get it yourself. Or, better yet, just get right to it. What could you possibly want to chat to me about?"


[/While Greg changes, Mycroft also changes into his usual (and most comfortable) pair of pyjamas. Once done, he climbs onto their bed and watches Greg expectantly, as if he has been the one waiting for him to hurry up and get into bed all along.]

Better. Now, I believe we agreed to cuddles, no?

[Greg gives the other man a look for just a moment before crawling into bed, almost immediately sliding up next to Mycroft and settling down, letting out a deep breath.]

Mmmh, yeah, we did. How are you so comfortable? It’s like a superpower.

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sergeantsally asked: “ “I don’t know what I’m doing.” ”



"What do you mean?" Greg asked, glancing through the file Sally had just passed him. "I think you know what you’re doing perfectly."

Sally rolled her eyes, taking another bite of her sandwich as she pointed at the file. “That! Read that. A teenager. I’m no good with kids, Greg. You know that!”

"You’re better with kids than you think." Greg retorted, slapping the file with gusto. "We just need a witness statement from him, and you’re the best at getting honest statements."


"If I fix it within the week they won’t, no." Mycroft glumly replied. That was a realistic aim - he could probably get it done within a day. But still, a mistake was a mistake. He had made mistakes before, of course, but not one as big as started a war in a long time. He had thought himself above doing something like that, and therefore the situation was rapidly reducing his happiness.

"Holmeses don’t make mistakes." Except Sherlock - he made mistakes sometimes. He was hardly as intelligent was his brother though, was he now? And Mycroft supposed other members of his family made mistakes. Was he more intelligent than them too? Hm. That was very likely.

"The last time I made a mistake this big was 1998. That was a more personal one, but it still ended badly for multiple people. It’s not good, Gregory."

Greg nodded, patting Mycrofts leg, remaining close. “Well, then I have no doubt you’ll fix it.” He replied, nodding stiffly. He saw how affected Mycroft was by this mistake, and Greg knew what a perfectionist the man was. He knew how important this was to Mycroft.

"Hey," Greg called softly, bringing up his other hand to take Mycrofts. "You’ve been working far harder and far longer than you usually do. This probably happened because you haven’t been sleeping anywhere as much as you need to be. Give yourself a break, then fix it. How’s that sound?"

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Anonymous asked: “ [sweetmollyhooper] Greg, I -- I have an appointment at the fertility clinic this friday. Does that time suit you? ( //sorry couldn't wait!) ”

Oh- yeah, it ought to be. What time on friday?

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i asked myself weither i wanted to rewatch pacific rim or not but then i realised

the answer is always yes

always watch pacific rim

Anonymous asked: “ I didn't mean to start anything or sound like I was attacking you. I just wanted to know if it was something I needed to have too so I was prepared for that eventuality. I apologise. ”

//What? No, no, sorry if I sounded aggresive, I just get kind of passionate about this stuff and I don’t explain myself in the best of terms! I didn’t mean to sound defensive or anything! There’s no need to apologize.