Forbidden || Hitler Germany AU

Berlin, Germany 1941

Gregory Lestrade was standing in his office over looking the city, a tired sigh passing his lips as he rubbed a hand over his face. He scratched at his itchy uniform, the stiff material hardly giving him enough give to move properly. He studied the people moving around the street below, only a very small handful of them bearing the bright yellow Star of David. While other Nazi’s refered to them as ‘Jewish scum’, Lestrade saw them as people, just people, unfortunate people. He didn’t let his views known in fear of being killed or tossed into a concentration camp charged with treason, so he watched in silence at the horrors of his country.

A short knock on his office door roused him from his throughts and he turned, greeting the officer with a ‘heil hitler’. “Yes, send him in.” Lestrade said, walking back to his desk and sitting down, running a hand through his hair.